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Bitop Introduction

01 Jan 2024

Bitop's digital asset trading platform insists that CFDs can only humanize the digital currency market with technology. It allows traders and investors to seamlessly perform two-way exchanges, conduct transactions of any size, and have free and open transactions Environment and deposit and withdrawal environment. In addition, Bitop exchange only earns platform-level transaction fees, overnight fees and market-making income by providing customers with relevant account opening, transaction consulting, market-making liquidity and other services, which are far higher A single commission rebate on other contract trading platforms.

In addition, BITOP has an all-star team, and past experience has continuously proved that we are capable of becoming one of the strongest exchanges. Members have at least five years of exchanges, technology, finance and other industries Experience, etc., is a team with attitude and rich professional knowledge.

In the eyes of the creation team of Bitop, the CFD trading system is by no means just a 'contract trading' exchange, but an integrated trading signal and innovative risk management tool, which will not carry Just digital assets.