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Fun quiz

01 Jan 2024
What is fun quiz?

Interesting trading refers to the future period of time (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes), you can simply guess the rise and fall of the index. If your guess is correct, you will get a principal of 180 % Reward. If your guess is wrong, you will lose all your principal. If the result is a tie, 100% of your principal will be refunded.

How to binary trading

First select the time period you guessed, then select your transaction amount, and finally choose the direction you guessed. When your position reaches the draw time, the system will automatically close your order and calculate the result.

The difference between fun trading and leveraged trading

Interesting trading is just a simple way of trading, for traders to guess the rise and fall in a short period of time, without high leverage and stop-loss functions, and automatically close positions after expiration.