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Unique advantages of Bitop

01 Jan 2024

While preventing damage from external forces, Bitop has also built a corresponding security system internally. Bitop will reshape the ecological value of the digital asset trading industry and make effective hedging investments for investors Real-time reference data. Through the natural advantages of the blockchain, integrate the resources of the blockchain industry, create an excellent landing project from various ecological angles, and allow the global digital currency enthusiasts to jointly maintain the big ecology of digital asset trading platforms.

Risk Management Function

Bitop has passed the most stringent audits and continuous offensive and defensive tests, and has developed innovative risk management functions.

Real-time strategy discussion group

Bitop exchange has set up a real-time strategy discussion group. One-click to open it can immediately ask professionals for advice. By proposing strategic solutions to obtain certain professional knowledge points and trends, this is also a big advantage.

Easy to get started

The one-click copy trading opened on the Bitop exchange app is more easy to use and operate. Through simulated trading, users can become familiar with CFD trading more quickly. It is very friendly to Xiaobai users and trades with small funds. Operating contract.

Quick Close Position

The Bitop app only needs to click twice to quickly close all CFDs or one of them at the same time.

APP access easy to use

In order to meet the needs of investors to trade anytime, anywhere, Bitop Exchange has launched full-platform client support, supporting APP, H5, PC terminals, and supporting market quotations and trading APIs. The market data of the platform is determined by a popular trend. Service provider, covering all terminals, professional k-line is accurate and efficient.